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Print Making Rag

Canson Print Making Rag Photographic Paper



Paper - Canson Print Making Rag

Weight (gsm) - 310

Thickness (um) - 513

Surface feel - Soft textured

Surface finish - Matte

Composition - 100% cotton

CIE Whiteness - 82,35

ISO 2471 Opacity - 98.8

Internally buffered - Yes

Acid free paper - Yes

OBA content - None

Drying time - Immediate

Water resistance - High

Additional Comments - Mould made paper which is the finest and oldest paper-making techniqueOptimised for pigmented inks

This 100% cotton printing paper manufactured on a cylinder mold is available in the Canson® Infinity Digital Fine Art & Photo line.  Canson® Infinity PrintMaKing Rag has a unique pure white without optical brighteners and an incomparable, fine and silky touch.

This exceptional paper is ideal for fine art prints and photographs and gives them a very prestigious aura.